Do not be afraid of the dentist

It can be a very intimidating experience during your first appointment with a dentist. About 20 percent of people avoid visiting dentists in Tijuana Mexico for medical checkups due to anxiety and fear and seeing a new dentist could increase READ MORE

Usos para el hilo dental

Nueve de cada 10 dentistas lo recomiendan. Pero la sorprendente resistencia a la tracción y el hecho de que viene en teflón significa que la seda también tiene muchas aplicaciones no dentadas. Literalmente, millones de millas se venden anualmente, y READ MORE

Crooked Teeth and Self-esteem

Brackets and orthodontics are used to correct “poor bite” or defective dental occlusion (when teeth are crowded or twisted). In some cases, the teeth are straight, but the upper and lower jaws do not fit properly. These problems of jaw READ MORE