They come for medical services and return for sustainable tourism

The medical tourism that comes from different parts of the world for quality dental service and low prices, such as the clinic of the Mexico Dental Network, also fuses sustainable tourism. Some tourists travel looking for an internal transformation that provokes respectful behaviors with nature and the environment.

This so-called sustainable tourism has a positive impact on the natural environment since it does not overload it and helps to preserve the culture and environment in which the inhabitants live, punished by massive urbanization and the impoverishment of the ecosystems generated by conventional tourism.

When traveling, it is essential to becoming aware, to know what the natural load of a place is; that is, its ability to resist human activity without devaluing its natural wealth.

We understand sustainable tourism as tourism that over time maintains the biophysical conditions of the place for other travelers to enjoy after the culture and services.

Mass tourism precisely tends to the contrary, overexploiting the resources of destinations, reducing their natural burden and condemning the place.
When travelers take their bags and get ready to know another place in the world, they must be clear that their type of experience gives off a biological discharge that, if not done responsibly, can be harmful. What divides tourism is the interaction you have with the natural environment, unfortunately in Mexico visitors are concentrated in 15% of destinations, seduced by all-inclusive tourism, comfort and rest; mass tourism that only takes into account the laws of the free market, not the natural ones.
This causes these places to have massive impacts on the environment when the holiday period ends.

Ecological tourism, a type of sustainable tourism, finds its virtue in the exchange of cultures carried out in the midst of nature, between the humming of insects and the silhouettes of the leaves of trees traversed by the sun.