The Professions With the Best Salary

It is true that we are in difficult times where we struggle to have good salaries, however, despite the crisis we are facing as a society, there are still jobs that are well paid today and this is something that we need to take into consideration when we are making the decision of what we are going to dedicate ourselves to.

Because something that is totally true is that when we decide that we are going to dedicate ourselves in our lives we have to choose something that we are passionate about and that we enjoy doing in order to live happily and not stay with a job that we do not like, because for more money that we are going to make we will never be really happy. But, if we check these works that are well paid and some of these we like and we really think we can be happy doing some of them, it would be a good idea to consider them.

So here we present a list of the best-paid jobs so you can consider if any of these suits your needs and so it will be easier for you to make the decision to what you want to dedicate yourself.


An architect is in charge of designing and directing the construction and maintenance of buildings, developments, and others.

Its main function is to adapt a space to social needs that can be functional and at the same time attractive. To be able to practice this profession it is necessary to study a degree in architecture where a deep technical, artistic and social training will be acquired.

An architect earns a lot of money, but he also has a lot of responsibilities, we must not think that it is easy money, because it is not at all, because like any other profession it is necessary to make a great effort and dedication for what is being done.

This is not an occupation to which you can dedicate simply because the pay is good, because the responsibility for the construction is very big, you will have the lives of many people in your hands and a small negligence or error can have big consequences.

So if you want to be an architect, be it because you have a passion for it and not just for the money.


It has always been well known that engineering is very well paid and for this reason many people decide to devote themselves to studying one because they know that they will win very good money. There are different types of engineering such as systems engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, etc. But in general all engineering is very well paid and it is very common to carry out jobs that require one another, for example an engineer in systems may need a computer engineer and vice versa.

To be an engineer you also need to have a vocation, although it is true that it is very well paid, the truth is that if it is a complicated job and more for people who have no passion for it and simply decide to study the career for the money that can win, for these people can be very complicated and stressful.


This is a race in which it has always been well known that pay is good. However, if you want to dedicate yourself to be a dentist, it is important that you take into account the qualities you have to have, such as patience and dedication, because teeth are very complicated to deal with, and people trust you to help them have good dental hygiene So just like in the other professions, having passion for what you want is extremely necessary. The Dentists in Tijuana are very well paid, so it would be good to consider this option.