The different stages of our lives


The first stage of our lives is when we are babies, at this stage, it is not possible to fend for ourselves, here there always has to be someone to take care of us, they are always our parents, although there are certain particular situations where other people have to take care of us.

Babies need a lot of care, even in the simplest things, for example in food, in their baths and in any activity, especially in their first months of life that are essential to define what the rest of their lives will be like.


Childhood is the next stage of life, at this stage we can not fully support ourselves either, although we are already capable of carrying out more activities than we could previously. For example we can walk, feed ourselves, and even clean up. At this stage, it is when we begin to discover the world and it is extremely important for us because what we learn here will be what defines us for the rest of our lives.

Another thing we learn at this age is to read and write, we also know numbers, colors and many other things, because one of the places where we spend more time in kindergarten.


This is the stage of life known as the stage of changes, because in this we begin to experience many changes, we grow in stature, our voice changes, the hairs begin to emerge, in the case of women begin to come out breasts and grow hips and other changes that are not only physical, but we also suffer changes in our personality, we become more volatile for all the hormonal changes that we are going through and a series of other things. Also at this stage, we usually know love and we start dating people.

A place where we spend a lot of time at this age is in school or even in our homes or depending on personality, also at home with our friends.


This is where we can take charge of ourselves completely, both physically and economically. Here we have already developed completely and we start to work for ourselves, we work to support ourselves and in some cases for our families, depending on whether we have it or not. At this age, we do not go out as much as we used to do in youth and it is probably the stage where we spend the most money.

The places where we spend the most time are at work and in our homes.

Old age

And the last stage of our lives is old age, at this stage, it is as if we were going back to the beginning because once again we can not fully take care of ourselves. We lose many faculties, such as running, climbing stairs or even sitting, we can no longer fend for ourselves. And since at this stage, we are older and our parents are no longer there, but we need someone to take care of us, for this we need to consider Senior Care Mexico, where we can be cared for in the same way that they took care of us when we were babies.

The places where we are most in this stage are the asylums or our own houses.