Life Is Full Of Changes

It is very strange to grow … the world changes completely as the years go by, or rather we are the ones who change, I do not know, I have not yet deciphered it completely, but I can assure that everything is different, because something that definitely we cannot deny is that today we are not the same we were yesterday, or that we will be tomorrow. And one day we feel like we have everything and the next we realize that we are missing something and the next we feel we have nothing. Being human is one of the strangest things in this world, I do not know what it feels to be something else, but I dare to assume that being human is among the strangest things. We are always looking for something, we always want something and I do not believe that there is one human being who is completely satisfied and who says “I do not want or need anything else” and really feel it, our satisfaction is fleeting, like our happiness , our sadness, our hunger… our life. Unfortunately or fortunately this is a reality, almost nothing in the life of a human being usually lasts a long time, so there are things that are divided in stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school, university and work.

And even throughout life we ​​usually have different jobs, which is also a change, our body changes, our way of being changes, everything in our lives is changing and many times we may not feel comfortable with those changes, which do not seem like us and that is something totally normal, just that not all human beings know how to deal with them, and that is because there is no rule that says how we should deal with things or tell us exactly what we have what to do and how we have to do it, that is something that each person decides to do individually, many people attend psychological therapy, others resort to meditation, others exercise and there are also people who believe in the mystical and esoteric and resort to products such as Indio products, others prefer to work or be more distracted, each person has their own method and is fine, as long as we feel comfortable with what they do, because everything changes and life is very short, so we should always do what we think is best for us.

Growing up is very strange and at the same time very difficult, that is why we should always look for ways in which we can cope with the burden that is presented to us, we have to learn to grow and feel good about ourselves, our personal growth is one of the most important things and to which we should pay special attention. Do not let the changes that we face throughout our lives affect us much less and if it is negative because as I mentioned changes are always going to be presented, that’s what life is about and we have to learn to live and enjoy with that, there is no more.