Habits that will keep your mind young during life

In this sense we can make a differentiation between biological age and chronological age: basically, the first corresponds to the years we have lived since our birth – that is, the age you have based on your ID and your birthday. The second depends on the state of biomarkers that are compared with a standardized model or what is the same, equivalent to the actual functional state of your organism. The factors that affect the biological age are varied: from genetics to diet, through exposure to stress, sedentary lifestyle or physical activity. Therefore, chronological and biological age are not always aligned. If your parents had a life with very good habits during their youth that good. But if it was not like that you do not have to worry about taking care of them, you can take them to a senior care Mexico where they can be taken care of as they deserve.

Think positively about aging: Have you ever wondered how it is that there are Nobel Prize winners who continue to publish discoveries as nonagenarians? Experts point out the positive thing of having optimistic expectations about aging to age happily and healthily. The simple fact of believing that old age does not have to be an obstacle helps you ensure that your brain works in the best way in its golden years.
Practice gratitude: If you are not a particularly optimistic person, gratitude can help you, as neuroscience reveals. If every day you choose to consciously appreciate, pay attention and give thanks for the positive in your life, you will change perspective and slow down your brain aging.
Going out with friends: In general, we think that going out with friends is a pleasure, but for your body, this activity is much more than a pastime, constituting a powerful medicine prolonged in time against stress. Studies show that spending time with your loved ones greatly reduces the effects of stress and anxiety on your body, while loneliness can cause as much damage as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It happens that the greater the feelings of chronic stress, the greater the signs of aging in the cells. The social connection is a powerful weapon against this evil of the 21st century.
Meditate: Optimism, gratitude and social connection are proven ways to reduce stress and the damage it causes us. Another essential strategy is to practice meditation frequently, something that improves your brain plasticity, helps you sleep better, improves your emotional balance, decreases stress and anxiety, prevents depression and connects you with yourself, helping you also to keep your mind younger. In this link you can find different meditation techniques.
Follow the basic guidelines of a healthy lifestyle: Obviously, you can not ignore certain scientific obviedades. If you spend your days on the couch eating chips, you never do sports, smoke and drink excessively and your diet is full of trans fats, refined sugars and junk food, your mind and body will suffer and your biological age will accelerate very much. in front of the chronological.