Do not be afraid of the dentist

It can be a very intimidating experience during your first appointment with a dentist. About 20 percent of people avoid visiting dentists in Tijuana Mexico for medical checkups due to anxiety and fear and seeing a new dentist could increase stress by 15 percent. Understanding what to expect when visiting a new dentist can relieve stress and any fears. Below are what you should expect.

Oral Examination
When visiting a new dentist, the probability is that your dentist will inspect your mouth and teeth for any possible infections such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and gum diseases. The dentist will also inform you of various problems that you have been undergoing including teeth sensitivity and toothaches. In addition, the dentist might want to use x-rays to monitor cavities or oral infections. X-rays do not hurt and usually take a few seconds to complete.
Following this, he or she will put a personal treatment plan that will help improve your oral health.
Teeth Count and Fillings
The dentist will get the number of your teeth and also measure the spaces between your teeth. This is recorded in a dental chart that will build some of your records that will be used to assess your data for future reference. During this process, you will be required to sit in a very comfortable chair.
Thorough Cleaning
After a full examination, a thorough cleaning is what always follows. This is mainly done by a dental hygienist although your dentist can also do it. Your teeth will be scraped using special instruments to remove accumulated tartar and plague that usually cause bad breath, gum diseases, and other infections. With special polishing paste, your teeth might be polished and flossed.
Follow-Up Appointment
After a first appointment, the dentist’s receptionist will plan for another appointment with your dentist which will be of great importance for your oral health. It is highly recommended by the American Dental Association to visit dental checkups regularly once every 6 months since this will prevent oral cancer, gum diseases, tooth decay and cavities.
Usually, the first dental appointment doesn’t take a lot of time and need not to worry. During this time, the dentist will only observe your mouth, gums, and teeth to assess your oral health and the receptionist will get your personal information in order to record you as a new patient.