4 Things Models Look for in a High Quality Travel Hair Dryer

Models are always on the move; one day they are doing a shoot in New York, and within 48 hours they have to be in Rome or Cape Town. It is a stressful life, and while dealing with sleep deprivation, if their agency doesn’t provide them with hairstyling tools and they are expected to travel with their own, they must ensure they have the best travel hair dryer for the value, and that will give them all the power of a full-size hair dryer. 

This article will go over the top four things models look for in the best travel hair dryer that will give them that blowout look, and a salon fresh style every time they walk the runway.

  1. The Best Travel Hair Dryer is Ideal for All Hair Types

When a travel hair dryer works with curly, straight, ethnic, thin or thick hair, you know right away the engineering and science in the travel hair dryer is of the highest quality. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, you will want to make sure it works with all hair lengths. In the world of modeling it is common for a model to do a number of shoots with long hair, and then have her hair cut and styled short to model other apparel items. That said, your travel hair dryer should work well for all hair lengths so that you can continue to be versatile with your look. 

  1. A Travel Hair Dryer Must Have Maximum Power

Don’t even bother buying a travel hair dryer unless it has the same power as a full-size variety. For example, the MINI travel hair dryer ny Instyler has a high compression turbine fan that gives it all the power of a large hair dryer. This is highly advantageous, as it means you have something compact enough to fit in carry-on luggage, as well as a large purse or a gym bag. Models on the go have very little space, but need the full power of a large hair dryer to get that blowout look or style their hair as appropriate, so don’t settle for anything that comes in small packages but also lacks power. Demand full strength. 

  1. It Must Dry Hair Quickly

Many travel hair dryers require an hour of time to style and dry hair, but no model has that kind of time. As we mentioned the MINI by Instyler is powerful because it has a high compression turbine fan. This also lends to fast drying time. In addition, it has a tourmaline ceramic grill which distributes heat evenly, and together these two features work to cut your drying time in half, or in even less time. In fact, many models using the MINI report that they were able to dry and style their hair in 15 minutes.

  1. A Travel Hair Dryer Must Have Dual Voltage

Models travel the world, so naturally their travel hair dryer should have dual voltage. All too often a woman will buy a single voltage travel hair dryer and buy a converter once they arrive in the country of origin. But these are known for blowing fuses and destroying the travel hair dryer. Instead, get one that runs on multiple voltages so that you can confidently use it in any country with peace of mind that you have complete reliability.