Un paso hacia las finanzas personales

Uno de los cambios económicos más significativos de las personas es cuando se introducen al área laboral, esto porque el individuo entra dentro de un mundo en donde le será muy común escuchar cuestiones financieras, por lo que es necesario READ MORE

¿Obsesión por la perfección?

En la actualidad, hay una constante preocupación por tener un cuerpo perfecto y un rostro hermoso, por lo que las cirugías plásticas y los tratamientos estéticos han tendido mucho auge en los últimos años. El constante deseo de obtener un READ MORE

Plastic Surgery And Society

For a long time, we have wondered what is the factor by which people feel dissatisfied with their body, to the extent of lowering the self-esteem of the individual. If we look for an answer to this question, without a READ MORE

Life Is Full Of Changes

It is very strange to grow … the world changes completely as the years go by, or rather we are the ones who change, I do not know, I have not yet deciphered it completely, but I can assure that READ MORE

How to make new friends?

Are you ready to discover the secrets of people who constantly make many new friendships? This goes very well, and it is the first step, but stopping and staying alone knowing new people will not give you much, it is READ MORE

How to measure emotional intelligence

  Deciphering a handshake: Handshakes are very important, especially the firmness of them. A weak and weak handshake can be understood as a lack of confidence and interest, but too strong a squeeze may denote that the person is aggressive READ MORE

Do not be afraid of the dentist

It can be a very intimidating experience during your first appointment with a dentist. About 20 percent of people avoid visiting dentists in Tijuana Mexico for medical checkups due to anxiety and fear and seeing a new dentist could increase READ MORE

Usos para el hilo dental

Nueve de cada 10 dentistas lo recomiendan. Pero la sorprendente resistencia a la tracción y el hecho de que viene en teflón significa que la seda también tiene muchas aplicaciones no dentadas. Literalmente, millones de millas se venden anualmente, y READ MORE

Crooked Teeth and Self-esteem

Brackets and orthodontics are used to correct “poor bite” or defective dental occlusion (when teeth are crowded or twisted). In some cases, the teeth are straight, but the upper and lower jaws do not fit properly. These problems of jaw READ MORE