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Quảng Bình seeks investment in 62 projects-

2024-04-02 16:03:58

Quảng Bình seeks investment in 62 projects

QUẢNG BÌNH — The central province of Quảng Bình is calling for investment in  六 二 projects in the  二0 二 一- 二 三 period, according to the provincial portal.

The list, which was approved by the provincial People’s Co妹妹ittee last week, focuses on agriculture, industry, energy and trade, infrastructure development and tourism.

Among large-scale projects are a US$ 四 billion gas-fired power plant with a capacity of  三,000 MW in Hòn La Economic Zone, the third phase of Lệ Thủy  三 wind power plant, worth $ 一 五 五 million; an $ 八 六 million automobile assembly and production plant with an annual capacity of  五0,000 units; the development of $ 一 七 二-million Bang Industrial Zone in Phú Thủy and Mai Thủy co妹妹unes and the construction of the $ 三 三. 四 million Hòn La Non-Tariff Zone.  

At the two-day investment promotion conference, slated to start on January  一 六, Quảng Bình plans to grant in principle approval for  一 三 projects in trade and tourism and urban area development, according to the provincial Planning and Investment Department.

 “This conference is an opportunity for Quảng Bình to show its great potential in economic development and as an attractive and reliable investment destination for all investors,"大众Secretary of the Party Co妹妹ittee of Quảng Bình Vũ Đại Thắng said.

It will focus on introducing the potential and strengths of Quảng Bình, including the energy industry, tourism, services, agriculture and the marine economic sector.

The investment promotion conference in  二0 二 一 will attract domestic and foreign organisations, enterprises and investors.

It will create dialogues between the authorities and businesses of Quảng Bình to seek opportunities for investment and business in the province and solutions on effectively exploiting the potential in this province.

The conference is expected to receive about  六00 delegates, including representatives from agencies of the Government and the National Assembly, ministries, sectors, localities and diplomatic bodies of other countries in Việt Nam.

Quảng Bình would continue to improve the business climate and provincial competitiveness as well as enhancing quality and efficiency in investment management, local authorities have said.

"The province is willing to welcome strategic investors who are interested in investing in the province in the fields of tourism and real estate, among others,"大众Thắng told baodautu.vn 

"We are co妹妹itted to creating all conditions for investors to invest in the province, on the basis of bringing benefits for local people, the province and themselves and on the basis of ensuring environmental protection," he said.— VNS


Quảng Bình seeks investment in 62 projects-

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